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Turn your GOOD managers into GREAT managers

Olympic high jump medallists reach just 1cm higher than their also ran competitors. The same principle applies in business. The difference between good and great can be tiny - but can have a huge impact on your profitability.

At Entheos we work with you and your teams to ‘Raise the Bar’ – delivering learning and development programmes that develop self awareness, improve performance, unite teams and inspire leaders.

We are passionate about helping individuals realise their full potential and build their confidence to excel in their role.

For example, one project we were involved in focused on embedding a common and consistent management culture across the organisation whilst improving the key skills, behaviours and performance of over 250 managers.

This programme has produced excellent evaluations and has made a significant impact upon the culture of the organisation. The organisation has now been assessed as a three star organisation by the Audit Commission and the programme is being developed with a view to create longer term change within the organisation.

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"On two separate occasions - first as a fellow Dale Carnegie Instructor and then as a recipient of Entheos' Insights profiling I have worked with Evelyn. On both occasions I have been thrilled with the results. She achieves. Her delivery, empathy and depth of knowledge are outstanding.

I have been privileged to work with some of the best trainers in the world and from this experience I have learnt what makes the best stand out. I count Evelyn amongst that number and highly recommend her work."
Phil Ryan, West Bromwich Building Society

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